Home to Warner Bros. Studios, the Conan O’Brien show, Disney Animation Studios, and once home to many more, Burbank is the city of choice for many employees of the TV and film industry. But Burbank isn’t just famous for making movies—it also use to be the hub of the aviation industry, such as Lockheed, and was the home of former President Ronald Reagan. Now, Burbank residents can enjoy the “old Hollywood” feel of parts of the city while enjoying the benefits of access to great shopping, an airport that’s often much more convenient than LAX, and a home away from the chaos of tourist attractions like Hollywood. As a Burbank resident, enjoy the quirky history of your city—but be careful if your air conditioner or furnace is old history, too! Here at Dr. Ductless, we can help you bring your home into the modern age.

Why Choose Dr. Ductless?

Here at Dr. Ductless, we do more than just sell you a generic heater or air conditioner and then leave. Instead, we’re committed to doing hard work, to providing only exactly what you need, and to communicating thoroughly with you throughout the process. Unlike many contractors, we don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we work with each homeowner to customize the heating and air conditioning system that would best fit their needs. We’ve customized thousands of systems during our time in business. We’ve also earned certifications from prestigious places like NATE and the EPA, and have even earned an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


We also have pages and pages of positive testimonials. One family shared that we were “friendly, professional, and did a quick, clean, and great install.” Another shared “If only everyone was this reliable!” We began as a family business, and now our team has grown into a group of licensed, bonded, and well-trained professionals. We’ve earned awards like Best of Home Advisor 2015, and we plan to continue doing excellent and honest work.

What Dr. Ductless Does for You

Call us today for your personal home evaluation. We will examine your home’s energy needs, climate, size, and more. From there, we’ll work with you to determine your best options. If you have a smaller home that doesn’t need as much energy, there’s no sense in buying a large high-powered system. But if you often run the air conditioner or have several rooms, you don’t want to buy a smaller system that won’t quickly cool down your home. Instead, we can help you find something that’s “just right.”

Not looking to install a new system? Our experts are great at getting broken systems up and running again, or at maintaining existing systems so that they don’t break down. Furnaces or air conditioners often last ten years, or even double that if they’re newer and use more advanced technology. We can help you get the full lifespan out of your system but cleaning it out, keeping up with repairs, and keeping an eye out for any safety risks. Don’t let something as small as dusty vents keep you from enjoying a cool, comfortable home! Instead, call and ask about our 16-step tune-up to keep your system running at its best.

Rebates for Burbank Residents

There is nothing better then saving money thanks to your new energy efficient central air conditioning system of ductless mini split system. At Dr. Ductless, we believe you should save more then just on your electric bills. We are always looking for any rebates offered through manufactures or cities to help you save even more.

If you are a resident of the City of Burbank, you can submit an easy to fill out form to the city to receive money bank. You can find this form from Burbank Water and Power’s website here.