CAC 360 Cassette

  • CAC 360 Cassette

    Available Capacities (Btu/h) – 18,000/24,000/30,000/36,000/42,000/48,000

    The World’s First True Circular Cassette with an innovative 360 degree airflow ensures optimal air conditioning which also eliminates dead zones. Its full-circle design allows it to be placed beautifully in any setting. The 360 Cassette will have both black and white fascia panels available. The 360 Cassette comes in 2 distinct styles, a fully circle fascia panel and a square facia panel (see images).

    Other Important Information

    • 10 years compressor & parts, 1 year limited labor warranty
    • ETL/AHRI
    CAC 360 Cassette

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  • The World’s First True Circular Cassette

    This innovative circular design blends harmoniously into any type of interior design.

    CAC 360 Cassette
    CAC 360 Cassette

    360 Air Flow

    360 degree directional wind coming out from circular heat exchanger can deliver air evenly throughout every corner in any space. Supplying 360 degree, even airflow, reduces hot and cold spots in the space providing ultimate comfort.