• CAPF

    Whole House Air Handlers & Coils

    The Daikin brand All-aluminum CAPF Cased Upflow/Downflow Indoor Coils are made for split system air conditioners and heat pumps. This unit features aluminum tubing and corrugated aluminum fin coils and rust-resistant, hightemperature, thermoplastic drain pans. The CAPF cabinet is painted nickel gray.

    • Rust-Resistant High-Temperature Thermoplastic Drain Pan
    • Motor TypeNone
      Cost Tier $$$

    • Check flowrater for cooling and heat pump applications
    • Rifled aluminum tubing and corrugated aluminum fin coil
    • All-aluminum evaporator coil
    • Galvanized
    • leather grain-embossed finish
    • Rust-resistant and high-temperature thermoplastic drain pans feature a low water-retention design
    • Upflow/downflow configuration
    • 21 depth for easier attic access
    • Foil-faced insulation covers the internal casing to reduce cabinet condensation
    • Split-seam front for easy access
    • DecaBDE-free UV-resistant drain pan
    • UV-resistant drain pan
    • AHRI certified and ETL listed
    Installation OptionsUpflow, Downflow