Best known for its lake, which draws outdoor enthusiasts from surrounding cities like Santa Clarita, Castaic lies at the northern part of Los Angeles County. The lake and the surrounding area offers hiking, boating, camping, and fun occasional events like Moonlight Fishing or Moonlight Kayaking. Castaic itself is outside the borders of larger cities nearby, giving the area a more secluded, peaceful feel. It often attracts residents who want more privacy, or who want a home that’s outside the hustle and bustle. However, even more secluded homes certainly need excellent air conditioning and heating, which is exactly what we offer here at Dr. Ductless.

Why Choose Dr. Ductless?

We’ve had so many happy, positive testimonials from the families that we’ve worked with—and many of them have shared horror stories about other contractors that they’ve encountered. Many contractors aren’t properly trained, don’t have the right certifications, or are just plain unethical. Plus, most heating and air conditioning contractors, even if they are properly trained, are selling similar generic systems to every family they meet, simply because that’s what they have on hand to sell.


Instead, at Dr. Ductless, we customize our systems for each homeowner that we work with. We evaluate your home’s size, the location of the unit, your climate—and then we work with you according to your family’s energy needs and your own personal preferences. From there, we find a heating and air-conditioning system that works for you, and isn’t just the generic one that every family has. One homeowner shared, “They had my best interest in mind,” and another called us “informative, helpful, and honest.” We’ve designed thousands of systems over the years, and we have several significant certifications, including EPA, NATE, and Air Balance. Even the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given us an A+ rating for our customer service and ethical business practices.

What Dr. Ductless Can give you

At Dr. Ductless we can install a wide variety of products, depending on your needs. We partner with several brands, including Trane and RUDD. We also offer Fujitsu ductless mini-split systems, which are high-efficiency and great for smaller spaces, as well as for room-by-room temperature control. When you call one of our trained installation professionals, they will be happy to explain the benefits and details of each product we offer, and why some might be better than others for you home and for your energy needs. Our experts are happy to answer any and all questions, and our goal is to keep you well informed and to never make you feel in the dark or pressured to buy something.

If you already have a working air conditioning or heating system, we also provide maintenance and tune-ups. We can evaluate your system to ensure it’s working at its best, and to look out for any possible roadblocks in the future. We can also tell you when it might be time for a replacement, or if you have any necessary repairs due to corrosion, breakage, or safety concerns. We also provide emergency services, so don’t hesitate to call us today.