DMS 2.5

  • DMS 2.5

    The improved Samsung DMS (Data Management Server) 2.5 is now smarter. It can manage a variety of different air conditioning units, and the newly upgraded functions can automatically manage the air conditioning system for users.

    Other Important Information

    • Built-in web server for PC-independent management and remote access control
    • Weekly / Daily schedule control
    • Data storage in non-volatile memory and SD memory
    • Current time management even during power failure (for 24 hours)
    • Emergency stop function with simple contract interface
    • Unoccupied room control configuration
    • 10 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs.

  • Monitoring of air conditioner operation

    DMS 2.5 eliminates the need to open each outdoor unit to monitor operation. Detailed refrigerant flow check in the control room and reduced service lead time help keep the units up and running.

    DMS 2.5
    DMS 2.5

    Easy control and monitoring

    Users can control and monitor up to 256 indoor units, via the Internet. Control functions include on/off, operation mode, fan speed, set temperature, temperature and mode restrictions, controller enable/disable, unoccupied room control, and discharge air temperature control (only applies to certain DVM S duct units).