DVM S Water Commercial (3Ø)

  • DVM S WATER is a high-capacity outdoor cooling and heating system, ideal for large buildings. Unique to other DVM S models, the DVM S WATER air conditioning system uses water as its heat source, which can conect to a cooling tower and boiler. Using a highly efficient compressor and heat exchanger, DVM S WATER provides effective and reliable performance despite changes in the surrounding environment. Its long piping and lightweight design also make it easy and economical to install almost anywhere.

    Other Important Information

    • 10 years compressor & parts, 1 year limited labor warranty
    • ETL/AHRI

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  • Enhance the atmosphere and control costs with high energy efficiency

    Samsung DVM S WATER features several smart technologies that combined deliver world-class energy efficiency for today’s eco- and budget-conscious businesses. With these technologies, DVM S WATER boasts 8 percent higher EER than conventional models. Plus, its coefficient of performance (COP) also surpasses the competition with an average 11 percent higher rate.

    Energy-efficient rapid heating and cooling

    The third-generation innovative system, DDI, adopts a dual inverter compressor system. Both inverter compressors operate simultaneously, providing compressor longevity and balanced oil distribution for quick cooling and heating to save energy and the environment. Plus, the upgraded vapor injection system increases refrigerant flow by 20 percent compared to conventional products.