DVM S Water Residential (1Ø)

  • DVM S Water Residential (1Ø)

    Samsung’s 208/230V, 1Ø DVM S WATER systems are unique to other DVM S models as it uses water as its method of heat exchange which can connect to a cooling tower and boiler, geothermal loops, lakes/ponds, and various other applications. Using a highly efficient compressor and heat exchanger, DVM S WATER provides effective and reliable performance despite changes in the surrounding environment. Its long piping and lightweight design also make it easy and economical to install almost anywhere.

    Other Important Information

    • 10 years compressor & parts, 1 year limited labor warranty
    • ETL/AHRI

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  • Renewable energy source

    Eco-friendly DVM S WATER can use geothermal energy as a renewable heat source instead of a cooling tower and boiler, effectively supporting businesses environmental and cost reduction initiatives. Geothermal systems utilize the Earth’s consistent temperatures to heat and cool your home and business.

    DVM S Water Residential (1Ø)
    DVM S Water Residential (1Ø)

    Minimal noise for maximum comfort

    The DVM S WATER air conditioning system has low noise levels so it won’t impact your building’s environment or disturb anyone at work. In particular, because it uses a water-cooled Plate Heat Exchanger, there’s no noise created by a traditional outdoor unit fan. The hermetically sealed case of the outdoor unit compressor along with the compressor jacket, system noise is greatly reduced.