If you live in Pasadena, then you know that it’s just close enough from Los Angeles to be able to always access work and entertainment, and yet far enough to be able to live peacefully outside the Los Angeles mania. Pasadena is more than just the famous Rose Bowl and Tournament of Roses Parade. Many families that live in Pasadena enjoy the unique history and architecture, including the several fascinating museums like the Huntington Library (which, to the confusion of many Los Angeles. residents, is not in Huntington). Pasadena is also far enough removed from Southern California beaches that it can get warm in the summers, which makes a working air conditioner a must. Many Pasadena homes are also classic—but sometimes feature older heating and cooling equipment that might be in danger of breaking down.

Why Choose Dr. Ductless?

At Dr. Ductless, we’ve heard the horror stories about contractors who are unlicensed, unprofessional, and leave you with expensive repairs or poor equipment. We have ensured that we offer a complete, friendly, helpful experience completely unlike these unethical contractors. We are licensed and certified, including the prestigious Air Balance, EPA, and NATE certifications. We’ve also earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for our impeccable customer service and ethical business practices. Not only that, but we are a Home Upgrade participating contractor, and won the Best of Home Advisor award in 2016.


Unlike other companies, we don’t just install the same “one size fits all” system in each and every house. Instead, we work with you to evaluate your home’s energy needs, your climate, and your current HVAC system. Then, we design a heating and air conditioning system that’s the right size, energy efficiency, and style for you and your family.

Over the years, with our combined decades of experience, we’ve installed thousands of air conditioning systems specifically designed for each home’s energy needs. We began as a family business and carry our family values into everything we do. But don’t just take our word for it—we have over twenty pages worth of positive testimonials, where real customers have called us “informative,” “helpful,” “honest,” with an “excellent attitude, very courteous, worked really hard.” As one customer shared, “If only everyone was this reliable!”

What you can expect from Dr. Ductless

First and foremost, we’re here to work with you and to ensure that you have the smoothest installation process possible. We’re more than happy to answer any and all questions, and to keep you completely informed throughout the process. As one homeowner shared, we “answered all my questions before we even asked them!” Whether you need an air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, air filter, thermostat, or more—we can help. We also offer repair, maintenance, and emergency services. For example, our furnace or air conditioning tune-up can provide the type of maintenance you need to ensure that your system keeps operating at peak capacity for as long as possible. We offer a 16-point inspection to keep your air healthy and your system functional.

Call Dr. Ductless today and a member of our experienced team will be happy to work with you to evaluate your home’s needs, and to design a custom heating and air conditioning system to meet your needs.

Rebates for Pasadena Residents

At Dr. Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning we always try to find every possible rebate for your new HVAC system. If you live in the City of Pasadena you can qualify for many great rebates directly through the city if you have a new efficient central air conditioner or ductless mini-split system.

For more information about the size of the rebate as well as the qualifications visit the City of Pasadena website here.