• S-NET 3

    S-NET 3 manages a group of buildings through data management servers (DMS 2) that individually manage each building. This Internet-based management system supports flexible, complete control of a wide variety of applications, providing users:

    Other Important Information

    • Fully integrated PC management software
    • Up to 16 DMS 2 connections through the ethernet/internet
    • Centralized management of up to 4,096 indoor units
    • Schedule and zone control
    • Error and operation history management
    • Power distribution management and analysis

  • S-NET 3 System Configuration

    This integrated software connects to the Internet to control the system air conditioners through data management servers (DMS2) from a single computer.

    S-NET 3
    S-NET 3

    Control and monitoring

    Users can control and monitor up to 4,096 indoor units, including ERV, ERV PLUS and AHU. Wireless and wired remote control restrictions provide greater oversight of operations. A temperature limit setting, operation mode lock and multiple/full indoor unit selection extend the range of control. Plus, an icon-based indoor unit display mode enables easy, more intuitive usability.