Thermostat Adapter

  • The TADPT 1 thermostat adapter allows control of RAC, CAC, FJM, and DVM S indoor units via 24 VAC “North American” thermostats. TADPT can control one or two indoor units simultaneously with a single adapter. By allowing third-party thermostats to control SAMSUNG HVAC equipment, you will have the ability to take advantage of popular third-party thermostat features and benefits including, but not limited to, geo-fencing, automatic scheduling, humidity control, weather forecasting and more.

    Other Important Information

    Central controls (DMS2, DMS2.5, MIM-H03UN, MCM-A300N) cannot be used to control indoor units when using TADPT1 but monitoring only. TADPT1 will have priority when other controller devices are used and may cause undesired operation.