Known for its beaches, shopping, and close proximity to all kinds of entertainment, Torrance is an ideal place to live in Southern California. As most Torrance residents know, the city is close enough to Los Angeles, Irvine, and high-end spots like Manhattan Beach without being as crowded and busy as those cities. Torrance is a destination in its own right, however, due to eclectic places to shop like Japanese market Mitsuwa and beautiful shopping centers like the Del Amo Fashion Center. Torrance also runs warm for cities near the beach—which makes choosing good air conditioning essential.

Why Choose Dr. Ductless?

Unlike most other heating and air conditioning companies, at Dr. Ductless we don’t believe in “one size fits all.” Instead, our air conditioning installation experts design our systems around you, your home, and your unique needs. Our comfort specialists are happy to meet with you and personally discuss what sort of system might be right for you, including the correct size and type. Whether you need a full central air conditioning system, or a smaller, ductless, mini-split system, we can serve you. Our specialists have designed thousands of systems over the years, and have decades worth of combined experience. We’ve seen it all—and we will be able to determine what system and energy efficiency level is right for your home.


Even worse, many contractors don’t have formal training or certifications for their heating and air conditioning work. This often means that they don’t choose the proper sizing for their systems, which means that you could end up paying way more than you need to for a giant system—or that you could not get the heating and cooling power that you really need. Instead, our contractors are licensed, formally trained, and also have several certifications, such as NATE and Air Balance.

What Dr. Ductless Can Do for You

At Dr. Ductless, we were built as a family business, and we love to be professional and yet personal with the families that we work with. Our qualified home experts have a high priority for quality communication, and we’ll gladly walk you through the installation process. We can answer all sorts of questions and concerns, including questions about financing, maintenance, warranties, expected installation time, and more. We always look forward to meeting new people and new families, and we also love feedback—especially hearing how much you love your new air conditioning system!

If anything goes wrong, Dr. Ductless is also always here to help. If you have any issues, whether it’s with a system that we designed or another system, call us today to start working on the problem. Our service technicians are trained and certified to deal with all sorts of heating and air conditioning system issues, including bad airflow, odors, blocked ducts, breakdowns, and more. Our staff are excellent at getting systems up and running again, so don’t hesitate to call us as soon as something goes wrong. We also offer emergency services, because we know that dangerous issues like a bad pilot light or an unbearably hot home need to be dealt with as soon as possible.