VRV IV-S Series

  • VRV IV-S Series
    VRV IV-S Series

    Multi-Zone Outdoor Unit

    Daikin’s VRV IV-S Series is available in smaller 3, 4 and new 5-ton capacities with a 208-230V, single phase power supply. A maximum of 6 indoor units can be connected to the 3-Ton system, up to 8 indoor units can be connected to the 4-Ton system and up to 10 indoor units can be connected on the 5-Ton system. The versatility of VRV IV-S Series makes it ideal for most residential projects — multi-family townhouse, condo or single-family home.

    • Multi-zone solution for 2 to 10 zones
    • Provide individual zone control with room by room controllers
    • New! Variable Refrigerant Temperature
    Coverage 2-10 Zones
    Compressor Type Inverter
    Cost Tier $$$$

    • Condition up to 10 zones from one outdoor unit
    • Space-saving design and flexible indoor unit options offer quick and easy installation.
    • Silent operation ensures quiet comfort throughout the home
    • Single-phase technology is perfect for light commercial and residential applications
    • Smaller capacity allows for precise temperature control over every square inch of space
    • Superior energy efficiency results in lower operating costs especially under partial load conditions
    • Single-supplier reliability. The system – factory engineered and 80% complete upon delivery – is fully optimized by Daikin plus has self-Diagnostics and one of the best warranties in the industry
    • Straightforward maintenance and service with self diagnosis function.

    SEERUp to 18
    Compressor TypeInverter
    Inverter Technology