What is a ductless air conditioner?

What is a ductless air conditioner

Ductless mini split AC units are split into two parts: a condenser and a wall mounted fan.

How does a ductless air conditioner work?

A ductless air conditioner removes the need for leaky, messy, noisy ductwork. Ductless indoor units are simply comprised of an indoor fan and an outdoor condenser, removing the need for ducts.

Why do they call it a mini split system?

Traditional central AC units are called split systems because they are made up of an outdoor condenser and indoor ducts and vents to cool a home. A mini split system has similar components, but it is much smaller, saving space, and energy.

Ductless Advantages

Mini splits have many advantages over central air units, mainly their smaller size. This saves energy and lost of space. Mini splits can also be stacked to allow for multi-room cooling at a fraction of the utility usage as a central air unit. Each room can have it’s own thermostat, making cooling much more efficient – you’ll only have to cool the rooms you’re in!

Mini Split Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of a ductless mini split is the initial cost. Although they are usually more expensive than central air condensers, there are a few exceptions. If your home doesn’t have ducts already installed, you can save yourself the hassle of tearing apart your home and expensive installation costs by just opting for a ductless system.

Another disadvantage is the need to install a separate unit in every room. Though this does lead to long term energy savings, the initial investment for each unit is very costly.