What is the best summer thermostat setting?

The best summer thermostat setting depends on exactly what you’re looking for. This blog will break this answer up for two types of people: those who are looking for comfort, and those who are looking for efficiency. For those looking for comfort, we’ll talk about the optimal temperature to set your home to maximize comfort as well as making sure you don’t get too inefficient. For those looking for the most efficient setting to cool your home this summer, we’ll go over what that temperature is and how to program your home to keep those utility bills under control.

1. Cool, Calm and Comfortable:
If you live in a hot climate that consistently reaches temperatures of over 100 degrees in the summer time, you know how much of a the pain in the air conditioner it is to keep cool. Do you open the windows? Keep an ice cold glass of water on you at all times? Or do you set the thermostat to 50 and freeze out your home? If you’re struggling to stay cool this summer, don’t sweat it – we’re here to help.

Simple answer:
Set your AC to 72 degrees and just hold it there. Don’t play with it. This is the most efficient temperature for you to save as much energy as you can while still staying very comfortable. People will say that 72 is still too warm but the utility bill you’ll get for anything under 72 will make your blood boil! Trust us, if you’re still uncomfortable at 72 degrees, invest in lighter bedding and a fan – in the long term, you’ll save more than if you dropped the temperature to, say, 68 or something.

2. Save money:
For those who are willing to handle a lukewarm feeling all summer in order to save as much money as possible on their utility billing, theres also a simple answer.

Yup – it’s 78 degrees. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. 78 degrees is an ideal temperature to hold all summer long because it is just comfortable enough to survive without breaking too much of a sweat while maintaining a decent utility bill. ENERGYSTART.GOV confirms this statement.

Thanks and stay cool this summer!